Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Welcome to Life in Christ Training

Providence Community Church's Online Discipleship Experience
Romans 8:2 "For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus
has set you free from the law of sin and of death."

Our mission with "Life in Christ" Courses and teaching will be to create a series of materials and teaching tools that facilitate individuals in their discovery of Biblical truth and personal connection to Jesus Christ. Using email mentor relationships, online reading materials, audio and video teaching we desire an experience of growth that everyone can enjoy. We hope that "Life in Christ" training will offer us a place first to Know Jesus Christ, then to Follow Jesus, and lastly to Lead with Jesus in ministry.
This experience begins with easy and accessible teachings centered on first KNOWing Jesus Christ, why he came and the main purposes of his word "the Bible". This will also be a safe place to discuss skeptical questions and be able to come to a sure faith in Christ.
This is a continuation of our knowledge of Christ which builds on his call to follow and serve him as his disciples. These teachings are geared to challenge individuals in their walk with Christ through relevant application within many aspects of life. Discussing such aspects of life as Relationships, Money, Sex, Church membership, etc.
Lastly our growing knowledge and dependence on Jesus Christ causes us to lead into his mission within the city and world. This section of training speaks to believers actively seeking leadership in Christs church.
We hope this system of spiritual growth is something that a person of any background will find powerful and effective. This is a work in progress at Providence and we hope to have the initial stages of this experience up and running by July 2008.
In Christ
-Providence Leadership